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And after completing all five S.E.A.L. Team Aqua-Missions and becoming
a PADI S.E.A.L. Team member, you can go on to become a MASTER
S.E.A.L. Team Member by doing additional specialized Aqua-Mission

How about some SCUBA adventure of your own!

PADI's S.E.A.L. Team is just for kids like
you between the ages of 8 and 12.  You get to
try SCUBA yourself in a swimming pool with  
real SCUBA equipment and a real SCUBA
instructor!  You'll learn about diving safely,
play games and have FUN!!  AND you are
REALLY diving!

After an introductory session with your
parents to be sure you ready to try SCUBA,
our S.E.A.L. Team will meet five times for
about an hour with 30-45 minutes of that hour
in the pool diving.

You'll get a special S.E.A.L. Team log book to
record your dives just like certified divers, an
activity book with fun diving things to do, a
DVD about PADI's S.E.A.L. Team program,
and a S.E.A.L. Team sticker  When you have
finished all five sessions, you will receive a
certificate as a S.E.A.L. Team Member and
later in the mail you'll receive a membership
card with your photo!

Sound like fun?!  Well it IS!!  Contact us to
see when our next S.E.A.L. Team session is
scheduled OR get a group of friends together
and have your own S.E.A.L. Team program!

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