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Part 1 - Classroom and Pool sessions
 Advance preparation for Open Water Diver Classes must be completed before coming to class!
Please allow sufficient time to complete all requirements.
  • Read all sections of the Open Water Diver Manual or complete all sections of the CD Rom version of
    the manual.
  • Answer all Knowledge Review questions in the book or on the CD Rom.  If you are using the book,
    these pages must be removed from the book to be kept in your Student File with Southwind Diving
    OR you may photo copy the pages after they have been filled out so you may keep your book
    intact.  (You may NOT copy the pages THEN fill them out as this is a violation of copyright laws.) If
    you are using the CD Rom version, complete the Knowledge Reviews and PRINT THEM OUT to turn
    in at class sessions.
  • View all videos segments.  This is your preview to in water sessions both in the pool and at open
  • A medical questionnaire is included in the student packet on the student folder.  If you can answer
    YES to ANY question, a Physician's release MUST BE OBTAINED before you may enter the water.  
    A specific form is required so please contact Southwind Diving as soon as possible as releases are
    extremely difficult to obtain on weekends and evenings.
  • Children under that age of 18 must have parental consent signed on the student folder before
    participating in any class activities.
  • At the class sessions you will take 4 quizzes (10 questions each) then a 50 question final.  Questions
    are multiple choice and matching.  75% on each quiz and the exam is required to pass plus clear
    understanding of any missed questions
  • Please bring a pen or pencil to class and paper if you wish to take notes outside of your book.
  • For pool sessions, all you have to provide is your own swim suit and towel.  All other equipment is
  • As part of the pool sessions, each participant must complete a 10 minute float AND either a 200 yard
    swim using any stroke OR a 300 yard swim using mask fins and snorkel.
  • You must be able to demonstrate competency in about 25 scuba skills before moving on to open
    water check out dives
  • Part 1 course fee includes classroom and pool sessions, all scuba equipment and air fills.  Please
    note that there is an additional charge for the open water check out dives!

Part 2 - Open Water Check Out Dives
Check out dive options will be discussed during the classroom sessions of the Part 1.  Several options are
available including but not limited to Beaver Lake Arkansas, a flooded strip mine in Oronogo Missouri,
travel to a warm water destination such as Cozumel Mexico or referral for completion on a trip you may
already have planned
  • Course fee for the open water check out dives is separate from and in addition to the Part
    1 classroom and pool session fees.  It includes all scuba equipment and air fills.  
  • Travel, lodging and all meals are the responsibility of each student as well as any admission or
    marine park fees.
  • Dives are completed over two days ( four dives are required and Standards limit training dives to
    three maximum per day)

Once you have completed all of the classroom, pool and open water dives, you are a CERTIFIED PADI
 This certification is good for life but should be kept current by diving frequently or
participating in refresher courses.  Refresher courses are available through Southwind Diving for a small

Please feel free to contact for further information or questions

THANKS for your interest in Scuba Diving.  We hope to see you SOON!!

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