Wichita Kansas and Points Around
The Lady GoDivers was the brain storm of 3 ladies on their own adventure several years ago and after
several attempts, the club finally took off a few years ago.  The Club consists of women of a variety of    
                                                 ages (early 20's to don't you even dare to ask!),
                                              training (Open Water to Master Instructor),
                                              experience (collectively we would circle the globe from Truk Lagoon to
                                                the Red Sea, many Caribbean destinations as well as several fresh         
                                                 water sites state-side)                 
                                              and occupations (married, single, career women, domestic goddesses)

                                             But they come together at least once a year for their own
                                             responsibility-free dive trip.  Most members are from Wichita, Kansas         
                                              but hail from as far west currently as Arizona and Utah and from as far       
                                              east as Massachusetts.  We're still working on North and South
expansions! Previous trips have taken the group to the Bay Islands of Roatan; Kona, Hawaii;
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico; and

Our week aboard the Turks and Caicos Aggressor was nothing short of
memorable!!  Of course, that was to be expected aboard an Aggressor vessel
and the crew did NOT disappoint!

The food was delicious, the diving beautiful, the sun deck well visited.  The Fleet's motto
Lobster and Crabs and Sharks - Oh MY!!

The Diving in Turks and Caicos was absolutely incredible and outside of another live-aboard vessel,
we did not see another dive operation so the sites were ours to ourselves without the hindrance of
other groups.    The marine life was diverse in both size and variety.  We saw the elusive fingerprint
cyphomas and hard to spot wire shrimp, played with a pod of dolphins, swam with (or ducked) reef
sharks and there were more lobster and big crab than I remember seeing ANYWHERE!

T-shirts, bandanas, treats and toys, sea-water dunkings, and synchronized hot tub performances
rounded out the week.  And I lost count of how many books the group finished during surface
intervals.  Naomi and Mandy got some wonderful photos to share and the crew sent us home with
more stills and a video record of our trip.  What more could a girl ask for?

Ladies, wouldn't you like to join us on our next dive adventure!!  And you DON'T HAVE to be a diver
to come along.  Some just enjoy the surface time away from the hustle of home!
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