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Turks & Caicos
August 2006
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AUGUST 5-12, 2006
This trip was so special and the group so
unique I've given them a page all to themselves.
Click here to see a little part of what this
dynamic group is all about and catch a glimpse
of their own Ladies Only dive trip
The first anniversary of Wilma's assault on the island of Cozumel did not go
unacknowledged and how fortunate we were to be there to see the recovery the
island has made!!  There is a renewed sense of pride and a sparkle to San
Miguel that is a testament to the strength and endurance of the people of
Cozumel!!  Our group of divers and non-divers reveled in the recovery and
were awed by the renewal taking place both above and below the water!  The
reefs are making a great comeback and the people are putting themselves into
the glory of the island's restoration.
Under the sea, the life is teeming and the corals are hard at work rejuvenating
the underwater seascape.  We were delighted by the presence of turtles on
almost every dive; rays and sharks frequently;
and some marine life accepting of close contact.  
Diane was THRILLED to hold and stroke a trunk
fish!  I got to tickle a scorpion fish's "chin".  
And the real delight was two toad fish on one
dive!!  Where the bottom was sandy, we made
a pyramid then a stacked chain of divers.  The antics were many and the fun
immense, the fish prolific and the people gracious and welcoming.  And how
could we forget to mention all the new friends we made!  Oh - and be sure to
check out the new Aqua Bar across the street from Casa del Mar when you go!
Let's go back SOON!!
October 14-21, 2006
Cozumel Oct 2006
At the Aqua Bar -
Don B. IS in there
someplace!! Or was he
afraid of breaking the
camera too early!!

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Lady GoDivers dive again!!
Utila Aggressor
July 26-August 2, 2008
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Little Cayman
December 27, 2006 - January 3, 2006
This was a long overdue return to a favorite destination!
Despite some rough water at the beginning of the week,
Jackson's Bight and Bloody Bay Wall lived up to our expectations.  
Little Cayman Beach Resort is still one of the greats for taking care of divers and
making sure each diver (and non-diver as well) has the best time possible.  The
visibility suffered a bit due to the windy seas but the walls and reefs were still
spectacular, the photo ops were fantastic (check out the Photo Page!), and, of
course, the new friends we make every time we travel were absolutely delightful  
Thanks to Ron and Dottie for their direction and care on the boat and the entire
staff for making this all-inclusive resort a true get away!!  (Adrianne - get well soon!)

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Palau Aggressor
Jan 28 - Feb 4, 2007
Well...  Pirate Patty's Palau Posse  made quite a
fun group for this memorable trip!  It was the epitome
of the Aggressor Fleet's slogan - "Eat, Sleep, Dive"!  
(We still think 'Read' needs to be included in there
as well!)  But we did hold up our end on the slogan.
And what a wonderful varied mix of dive conditions:
wrecks, drifts, calm, night,
MACH 1 current!!!  WOW!!!

We had the whole boat to ourselves and it was a fun
reunion for many who had not been able to dive together for awhile as well as
welcome some new faces to the group.  The group of seasoned divers was an
absolute delight to have together for a long flight over, an incredibly fun week, and
even for the longer (it seemed anyway) trip home.  However, I doubt anyone will soon
forgive all the photos taken during the week - but bet they enjoy them at home later!!

We enjoyed creatures and varieties not seen in our closer Caribbean Sea as well as
a closer look at things we just don't see often enough!  We experienced Palau at its
finest, I believe.  Sharks (including a Leopard shark!), Turtles and Bat fish, Eagle and
Manta Rays, Mandarin fish, plus a long yellow, unfurled "banner fish" that followed
Mary quite closely for a bit!  We moored at Ulong, site of "Survivor: Palau" and did a
sea tour of the Rock Islands.  Weather prohibited hitting all the prime dive sites but
did get to the classics: Blue Corner (several times), German and Ulong Channels,
Jelly Fish Lake, Chandelier Cave plus a couple of WWII wrecks in the area.  (Now I
want to return to Truk Lagoon! Who's up for THAT trip?  Just tell me WHEN!)

In addition to the diving fun, do I dare mention: Birthdays, Tattoos, Showers, Sharks,
School Pride (Go SHOCKERS!), Hammerhead dancing and Howling at the Moon!  
After all, we had a reputation to uphold as many of us had been diving with Mike and
Amanda when they were on the Kona Aggressor.
MALDIVES March 19-30, 2009

We will be exploring the Indian Ocean on a first for  
many of the group!  Come join us for a new
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Eagle Ray!

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2008 trip on the Utila Aggressor
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Dive the Mighty O  July 2008

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Oct 13-20, 2007
Lady Go DIvers in BONAIRE
July 21-28, 2007
As always, the Lady GoDivers had their usual intrepid fun!!  What a
dynamic group of women!  
How can you go to an island known for its Flamingo and Donkey
Preserves, with an airport called Flamingo Airport and not honor the
icon?  Well, we made ourselves know with flamboyant headgear and
outrageous fun!  AND YES - we did DIVE too!!!  After all - "it's what
we do!"
Days were spent diving, shopping, reading, exploring, kayaking...
Evenings were spent experiencing the wonderful cuisine of the
Island and reconnecting with friends Corinna and Hagan at the
Blue Cactus restaurant.
                    Good Fun, Good Friends, Too Little Time!
                     SO...  let's do it again NEXT YEAR -
                            on the Utila Aggressor!         
How do you describe a trip with born adventurers?  EXCITING
and NON-STOP!!
 This group could not get enough of the
underwater adventure and the top side activities!  WOW!!  From
brand new to seasoned experience, it was a trip for everyone to
remember! We explored both the north and south dive sites PLUS
a venture to the east windward
Wild Side.  Check out Larry's Wild
Side Diving for a new way to experience Bonaire's rich diving!  
And sunset sailing on the
Bowalie topped the week off with a
soothing cocktail cruise.  We'll be back Larry, Walter and Liezeth!
Happy Anniversary, Robert and Suzanne!  Best wishes for
many more!
Orange Coral Polyps
Town Pier Night Dive Bonaire, 2007
             Jan 17-27, 2008
Fun In Jungle Island got off to a "well it does happen sometimes" start!
We flew in on the tail end of a cyclone, had rough cloudy waters the first
day or two
BUT I can say it got better every single day!!  Blue Ribbon
eels, lion fish, and creatures both great and small!  The Big Fish (read:
SHARKS) Dive was the "best ever" according to many in the group!  A
tropical paradise coupled with friends both - new and old - Kava,
FireWalkers, Coconuts and native song and dance immersed us in the
culture as well as the sea!  Who's going with us the NEXT TIME?!!!